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Custom Home Building by Bradley Wheeler Architecture & Construction, Inc

Custom Home Exterior | Bradley Wheeler Architecture + Construction | Traverse City, MIBradley Wheeler Architecture & Construction, Inc. has built custom homes in the Grand Traverse area for twenty-five years.  Our unique combination of providing licensed architectural services and day-to-day construction management of every detail provides a truly custom built home the way you want your home built.  Our carefully selected team of highly skilled craftsman and material suppliers ensures that your home will be completed to your expectations.


Every home completed by Bradley Wheeler Architecture & Construction, Inc. is the culmination of designing and building unique site-specific custom homes of exceptional quality that are an extension of our client’s lifestyle.  Each custom home we build is detailed to accommodate the needs of our clients in terms of function, style and budget.  We work closely with our clients to coordinate design decisions as they impact the construction budget.

Custom Home Building Process

Building a custom home is a very rewarding experience with proper guidance.  Bradley Wheeler Architecture & Construction, Inc. is uniquely qualified to guide our clients through the process of designing and building custom homes. The Custom Home Building Process provided by Bradley Wheeler Architecture & Construction, Inc. involves ten steps to ensure that all details you require have been addressed in creating your custom home.


1) Selecting a Building Site -

Choosing a suitable building site often involves considering a variety of different building sites.  We can simplify this process by assisting in providing guidance in selecting any potential building sites under consideration.


2) Site Analysis -

Determine best orientation of home for views, privacy, climate, energy conservation, accessibility, ease of construction, future expansion, and public utility access.


3) Programming -

Define spaces, sizes, and relationships of rooms, define use of each space, define structural and mechanical systems, prepare preliminary construction budget and construction schedule.


4) Architectural Design -

Prepare custom home designs, construction plans, details and specifications describing the work required to build the custom home.  Value engineering of design solutions is thoughtfully considered during the development of the architectural design to keep design solutions in sync with the construction budget.


5) Select Finish Materials and Mechanical Equipment -

Select all finish materials consisting of interior trim, doors, windows, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, door hardware, appliances, mechanical equipment and other special items.


6) Construction Cost Details -

Once the architectural drawings are complete and finish materials and mechanical equipment has been selected, a full detailed analysis of all costs associated with building the custom home can be compiled.  Bradley Wheeler Architecture & Construction, Inc. provides line item cost details of every phase of construction required to complete the custom home.


7) Acquire Permits -

Several permits are required before the construction of a custom home can begin.  Typically, the following permits will be required - Zoning or Land Use Permit, Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit, Environmental Health (well, septic, sewer, public water) Permit, Driveway Permit and Building Permit.


8) Construction Contract -

A written construction contract or agreement is required prior to commencing construction and securing construction financing.  The construction contract incorporates the architectural plans and specifications and construction cost details.  Provisions are included in the contract for changes in the work the owner may require during the course of construction.


9) Construction -

After construction cost details have been finalized, building permits have been acquired, and a construction contract is in place, construction can begin.  Most custom homes constructed by Bradley Wheeler Architecture & Construction, Inc. will take approximately ten months to complete.  Homes larger than 4,000 square feet will take longer to complete commensurate with scale and required detail.


10) Completion -

Upon completion of a custom home, instructions for mechanical system operating procedures are reviewed and suggested maintenance schedules are provided.  Operating manuals for all equipment and a list of service contacts are provided for future reference.  Bradley Wheeler Architecture & Construction, Inc. can assist coordinating routine maintenance of the completed custom home and all operating systems.


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